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The pictures (below) were taken before, during and after our two year construction. Among the improvements that were done have been concrete kennels, permanent dog houses--as opposed to the previous makeshift cardboard houses--a draining system, a container for storing food and a (red) store house for the tools. We are also in the process of constructing a bungalow which will be used as a guest house for any foreign volunteers we may get.
---March, 2009.

An enormous, heartfelt thank you to our generous donor for supplying the funds for a much needed overhaul of the shelter! However, we have yet a long way to go as even more holding areas are needed and, ideally, they should be of a larger size as well. Unfortunately, dogs are constantly being dumped at the shelter making our need for space, supplies, etc., an ongoing non-stop need.

Wooden/cardboard dog houses falling apart and providing scant protection against the elements for our dogs. If you care to help us in our ongoing attempts to improve and update our shelter, please feel free to make a donation.

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