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Unfortunatelly, our beloved Georgy lost his battle on February 25, 2009, despite his improvement in the 3 months prior to that. This is doubly sad, for he had a family waiting for him in the UK, but his poor body had experienced too much hardship to overcome his illness. As As Lina from the Halkida Dog Shelter says: after his vet treatment in Halkida, we sent him to Andrea (a friend of "GAR UK"), in Athens, for foster care to have a better quality of life until he was ready to travel in U.K. He put some weight on, his appetite was huge (he ate 4-5 times per day), his condition was better, but his kidneys got worse due to leismania. The vet in Athens did his best to save him, but it was impossible. He was a very sweet, easygoing fellow and at least his last moments were with his foster mother, Andrea, who loved him very much."

You can read accounts of Georgy from the time he was found in Halkida, as a stray, up until his last days in foster care. Please note, that some of the photos are graphic.

May 2008:
Georgy, a very sweet fellow, despite the horrid abuse he had experienced, was found wandering the streets several miles out of Halkida, in May 2008. Once a beautiful English Setter, Georgy no doubt fell victim to casual dumping of dogs that is such a frequent occurrence in Halkida (particularly hunting dogs). Due to his fragile state he needed much care and attention over the next few months.

First photos. At the Halkida shelter:

By June 2008, he was progressing, albeit slowly. He put on some weight and his fur (which appears to have wonderful coloring) started coming in.

Last photos of Georgy, largely taken in September 2008 at his foster home. Luckily in his last days he was well cared for:

What gorgeous coloring he had...

Georgy with Ruby

Georgy sunbathing. Some happy last days with friends.

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