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According to Alfie's mom...."...Alfie is living with 3 other dogs....I fell in love with him the minute he walked off the van. I was only meant to foster him, but couldn't part with him!!! He loves his long walks in the countryside, sunbathing and sleeping on my bed ! I'm sure if he was human he would be a comedian, he is always happy and wagging his tail and looks like he has a permanent smile on his face. At his dinner time without fail, when I say "dinner time," he goes and grabs the nearest toy and races round and round the house until his bowl goes down!! I'm sure it is pure exitement."

Check out Alfie's new photos from Winter of 2009, below!

Posing for the camera! (from October 2008)

Alfie taking in the view.

Alfie (right) enjoying the sun with Lucie

Alfie with Dan (left) and other friends.

Alfie, with Dan (far left), enjoying a walk.

4 new photos of Alfie (below), sent by his owner as of Summer of 2009. A very happy guy!

From Winter, 2009. Enjoying the snow!

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