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Alice was adopted in November of 2007 and Nero joined her in late summer of 2008, from Halkida. According to his owner: ".....he [Nero] is just the cutest scrumptious little bundle of trouble one could ever wish for."

Their third buddy is Xena, who is a rescue from Poland.

Recent update from Alice and Nero's mom (March 2009): "Alice....had obviously never been in a house before, I had to bring her in through the patio doors because my narrow kitchen was too intimidating! The first night she cried because she was downstairs and didnít know how to climb up Ė needless to say I came down and got her and she hasnít looked back since! She sleeps on the bed next to me and give me kisses in the middle of the night Ė Bless her! She is still a little frightened of anything falling (like a piece of paper!) but otherwise she is now a well adjusted and extremely photogenic little monkey!

Nero was born in the Halkida shelter, so [he] had only ever known the Shelter people and the doggies he was in with. He was terribly travel sick on his way here and still is pretty poorly in the car but we are working on that. Although he can still be a very frightened little boy when we are out and about, he has come on leaps and bounds in the last 5 months. He is very fond of Alice and just beginning to learn to play! He is becoming a cheeky little chappie, quite a little character and I love him to bits!

Alice and Nero amongst the bluebells in their home in the! (April 2009):

Six additional photos of Alice and Nero sent by their family--March 2009:

Nero taking in some sun...

Alice, smiling for the camera!

3 amigos enjoying the sun..

Alice, flaunting her looks :-)!

2 good friends from Halkida..

Lina, from the Halkida Dog Shelter, visiting Nero at his home. Happy dog! [October 2008]. 4 pictures, below.

Alice, smiling for the cameras!

Alice at the first day of her arrival to her new home. (March 2008)

Alice, March 3, 2008.

Alice, April 23, 2008.

Alice with her good friend Xena (Xena is a rescue from Poland)

Alice and Xena with friends.

Nero on the first day of his arrival to his new home.

Nero, day four.

Nero, off the lead on Boxing Day.

Nero, waiting patiently to go out for his walk.

Alice and Nero, the best of friends! (Nov. '08)

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