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NISSA (formerly Naomi)...


It's Naomi here sending you more of my pictures. Can you please tell my buddies that life is so great here :-) The photo's were taken on holiday with Mum and Dad in September. Oh life was hectic, running(well strolling really) on the beach every morning, then out in the car where I barked at everything with 4 legs.......horses, sheep, cows ooooooooooo and if I see another dog, Mum says I'm very vocal :-)

I'm off to see my brother Melvin in a minute to go for a walk with him, he'll get a shock cos' I'm quite assertive now, that will show him. Thank you for looking after me so well and helping me find Mum & Dad, please don't tell them that I didn't really have the best tinned dog food in gravy every day or slept on the bed (that's what I've told Mum I did in [the Halkida Shelter], ha ha). She even cooks me pasta in sauce because I'm so partial to it; my mouth's watering just talking about it.

Mum has just sponsored Husky but she is wondering if he's coming to live here, we'd really like that. I like big boy dogs and he's done his time now i think. Oh, I wish all my friends could live here.

Big hugs to everyone,
Naomi (now called Nissa, really :-)"

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