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From Henry and Sherry's rescuer:

Hello, and thank you to everyone who worked to send us the two best dogs in Sussex!

They have settled in so well, after they learned our house rules (please don't chew up rugs, shoes, hats, cushions etc.). They are so well behaved in the house and on the lead. My mother, who is 91 years old and disabled, was rather nervous about visiting me with these lively dogs about. When she did come, they went over and gave her a short sniffing, then laid their heads in her lap! Now she thinks they are wonderful.

They are really good outside. When they first arrived they had a tendency to run off but now that has mostly gone altogether. They come back to my whistle. But they LOVE running!! They go into the woods and chase around all over and sometimes just run round in huge circles for the joy of it. They also love all their new friends, both human and dog. They have good manners so when they meet new people and dogs, everyone is totally charmed by them. There is a group of us who meet in the big field nearby between 9 and 9-30 each day, and walk round together. There can be 12 dogs and 8 humans in this group, and Henry and Sherry are right there in the middle.

They have become famous in the village! People I don't know come up with their dogs and ask if they are the Greeks!! Cars have slowed down so that the drivers can shout out of the window "Hello Henry, hello Sherry".

How come they like snow so much? I would have thought that coming from a hot country they might be upset by the cold. Also rain – they love it, but I don't. I have been to my doctor this morning about the usual stuff and she told me that having two good dogs is probably the best therapy she could have recommended.

We have done the right thing in so many ways, by having Henry and Sherry coming to live with us. They’re staying, if it's all the same to you!

Thank you all once again!

Two extremely lucky guys :-)!!

From the crowded confines of the Shelter to this!!

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