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From Josephine's owner:
"Inevitably, every volunteer at the shelter falls in love with a dog or two and Josephine tugged at my heartstrings every time I looked her way. Eventually, I gave up trying to avoid her and started taking her for little walks about the shelter and the first time that she leapt up straight into my arms, I knew that she had to come home with me.

She lost .3 kilograms in dreadlocks on her first day [at home] and has settled into being a true city dog. She travels on the Underground like a pro and only insists that she's carried on the escalators! She has become the perfect dog in every way and whomever abandoned my loving little dog at the shelter is certainly missing out."

If ever a picture was worth a thousand words these "before" and "after" photos of Josephine are an excellent testament to that:

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