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Give a dog a break...
If you're visiting the island, please do visit our shelter at Vasiliko - maybe you would like to take some of our dogs for a walk - good for you and good for them...

Give a dog a hand...
There are always a thousand things to do around the shelter like walking dogs, repairs or cleaning.

Give a dog a home...
We realize that every country has its shelters with pets left and/or abused by their former owners and these animals have just as much a right and most of all a need for a new and loving home. But if you want to help a Halkida’s dog obtain a better life by adopting one, please do so!

Our Wish List:
For our daily work we need a lot of material. Most of it is not too difficult to get, however, there are some things that are not available - or they are so expensive here that they are unaffordable.

So, if you would like to help us out, here is a list of always needed things that would make us and the dogs really happy!

Solid Toys (such as ropes etc) Our dogs destroy rubber toys within minutes!
Chewing bones available in any pet shop
Pig ears
Dry food
Tin food
Flea/tick repellent collars
Electric clippers
Disinfectant to clean the kennels
Transport boxes
Wooden or plastic dog houses

Moreover we need a lot of medicine to keep the dogs in a good state:

Frontline (Spray or liquid)
Advantix ampoules
Vetranquil pills (or similar strong tranquilizer)
Ear cleaner (f.e. Orisel)
Drontal plus
Solucortef (against brain swellings after accidents)
Domitor and Antisedan (for anaesthesia)
Doxycycline 100mg antibiotic
Antibiotics (other)
Vaccinations (DHPPL and Rabies)
Ear cleaner
Domidor and Antisedan (for anaesthesia)
Vicryl absorbable Sys 2 suture
Metacam or Remedil
All veterinary items for surguries
Quicktests (Ehrlichosis, Leismania, etc)

So, if you can help us out with any of these, kindly contact us!

Most of Europe:
We can get the dogs vaccinated and do a passport form for them. On certain flights dogs under 5 kilos can go as hand luggage. For larger dogs you will have to get a hold of a sky kennel. Contact your rep and/or the airline they are flying with and tell them that they are bringing a dog; on most charter flights it is not expensive to bring the dog.

The British process is a bit more involved. The dog has to be:

1. Vaccinated (most importantly the rabies vaccine)
2. Microchipped (only certain types acceptable)
3. 30 days after the dog is vaccinated a blood test must be done to

establish that it has the necessary antibodies against rabies in it's system. The blood test must be sent to a recognised laboratory and when the certificate of sufficient antibodies has been issued the dog is allowed to travel into the UK six months later. As this new UK Pet Travel Scheme is fairly new still there are still lots of difficulties with it. Sometimes it works out even more expensive than 6 months quarantine in the UK. There are many hidden expenses. British airlines are reluctant to carry unaccompanied animals and charge a lot of money for the handling as well as the tickets.

Also, please don't forget that the dogs are still doing quarantine, but in our shelter here in Greece. With all the problems that we have with overcrowding and the fact that we are not at the shelter 24 hours a day there is an element of risk. We have successfully sent quite a lot of dogs through the UK Pet Travel Scheme using Quarantine Kennels in Chingford, Essex and the dogs doing a 'limited' quarantine there.

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