Needed Material

For our daily work we need a lot of material. Most of it is not too difficult to get, however, there are some things that are not available - or they are so expensive here that they are unaffordable. So, if you want to help us out, here is a list of always needed things that would make us and the dogs really happy!

Solid Toys (such as ropes etc) Our dogs destroy rubber toys within minutes!
Chewing bones available in any pet shop
Pig ears
Dry food
Tin food
Flea/tick repellent collars
Electric clippers
Disinfectant to clean the kennels
Transport boxes
Wooden or plastic dog houses

Moreover we need a lot of medicine to keep the dogs in a good state:
Frontline (Spray or liquid)
Advantix ampoules
Vetranquil pills (or similar strong tranquilizer)
Ear cleaner (f.e. Orisel)
Drontal plus
Solucortef (against brain swellings after accidents)
Domitor and Antisedan (for anaesthesia)
Doxycycline 100mg antibiotic
Antibiotics (other)
Vaccinations (DHPPL and Rabies)
Ear cleaner
Domidor and Antisedan (for anaesthesia)
Vicryl absorbable Sys 2 suture
Metacam or Remedil
All veterinary items for surguries
Quicktests (Ehrlichosis, Leismania, etc)

So, if you can help us out with any of these, please feel free to contact us!. We would be most happy to hear from you.